To revitalize port resources to help ship repair enterprises resume work and production


Over the past few days, Lucky Point Tourist Resort has joined forces with many departments to provide front-line services, boosting the revitalization of port assets and helping Rongcheng Xinxia Ship Repair Company to "set sail".

In Rongcheng Xinxia Ship Repair Company, an acceptance preparation team composed of responsible persons and experts from the municipal industry and information, emergency management, market supervision and other departments conducted "pulse consultation" on the company's fire-fighting facilities, special equipment, hidden danger investigation, and risk control., To guide and urge enterprises to complete rectification as soon as possible. Chen Feng, the company's safety director, said: "With the guidance of experts, we will check and fill the gaps as soon as possible to ensure that all facilities and equipment meet the standards." It is understood that the company, formerly known as Xixiakou shipyard, jointly established a joint venture with Singapore Shipping Company last year to revitalize the shipyard and successfully introduce foreign capital of 3.02 million US dollars. Lucky Point Tourist Resort and related departments take the initiative to be a good "shopkeeper", changing "post-event check" to "service front" to help enterprises complete the preparations before acceptance.

Affected by the epidemic and other factors, good luck corner tourist resort under the jurisdiction of the shipbuilding enterprises are facing difficulties and challenges, resort joint relevant departments in a timely manner in the license processing, safety management, technical details and other aspects to help enterprises, for enterprises to resume work and resume production escort. In the next step, the district will continue to give full play to the advantages of a type of open port platform, revitalize port resources, and provide strong support for the expansion of the shipbuilding industry.

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